Font Revision and Engineering for Cellcard

Cellcard (former name Mobitel) is one of the biggest telecom companies in Cambodia, launched in 1998. From 2014 to 2015, the company chose Kantumruy for their branding until they got their own custom original typeface in 2016. The typeface is designed by Lek Chumnor with the circular geometric design concept.

Later in 2018, they found out that the fonts didn’t work properly on Safari web browser due to the old OpenType feature coding which was written back in around 2010-2011 to get the fonts to work in Adobe applications at those time.

In December 2018, Cellcard and Romnea Type worked together to improve and fix many critical and minor errors we have found in the first design. (Download the error analysis below.)

This project focused on:

  1. Rewriting the font to work with major OS and web browser platforms
  2. Fixing the indecisive positioning of below marks
  3. Fixing the position of below sub-consonants when it comes to ligature (Light and Medium)
  4. Fixing the clashes between vowel IE (អៀ) and base consonants ជ, ដ, ឋ, ថ, ផ, វ
  5. Fixing the inconsistency of letterforms
  6. Reducing the height of second-level vowels to save vertical spaces
  7. Fixing an unnecessary change in complex conjunction with Coeng RO
  8. Proposing to redesign some letters
  9. Removing overlaps in ligature forms




December 2018 – February 2019

Error analysis

Download PDF