Font Revision for Documentation Center of Cambodia

Font Revision for Documentation Center of Cambodia

The Documentation Center of Cambodia (DC-Cam) is a Cambodian non-governmental organization whose mission is to research and record the era of Democratic Kampuchea (April 17, 1975 – January 7, 1979) for the purposes of memory and justice.

Along with research and preservation projects, the center also publishes books and magazines for years since the beginning, using their own typefaces designed back in the late 1990s. Those typefaces had been converted a few time into the Unicode format, but never had been improved in the letterforms and outlines. Until mid-2018, Romnea Type had a chance to help them improve the design as well as technical problems.

This project focused on:

  1. Cleaning the path outlines
  2. Fixed letterforms, spacing, and contrasts
  3. Rewriting OpenType features to get the fonts to work on most platforms, web browsers, and Adobe applications


  • Consultation & engineering

Documentation Center of Cambodia / Sleuk Rith Institute


Tep Sovichet