Sipar Apsara Typeface Revision and Consultation

Apsara font family is designed by Xavier Dupré in 2003 for Sipar Cambodge, comes with four weights—Light, Regular, Medium, Bold—in slanted design. Later in 2010, three fonts out of four were then converted into Unicode format by Danh Hong, based on the original design. After 16 years, Xavier and Sipar realized that they need to improve the family as there are some issues related to vowel overlapping, inconsistencies in character design, spacing, inconsistent position of below-base and above-base marks, etc. That is why in early 2019, Xavier and I collaborate to improve the overall design, add what are missing, and fix minor errors in the design itself as well as letter and mark positioning approaches. However, this is one of the most beautifully designed Khmer typefaces I have ever seen.

This revision project focuses on:
  1. OpenType engineering
  2. Arranging new approaches on mark positioning
  3. Revision on the height of sub-consonants
  4. Redesigning the ligature glyphs
  5. Adding alternate glyphs for certain contexts to avoid clashing between letters and vowels
  6. Other fixes which found in the older version


Xavier Dupré

Technician & Assistance

Tep Sovichet


February 2019 – March 2019